Aokiya Koi Farm

Official farm name: AO Aokiya Koi Farm
Breeder: Aoki Motoyoshi
Raising area: 20.000 m2
Area: Katakai, Ojiya
Varieties: Goshiki, Doitsu Goshiki, Kikusui, Yamato, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Sanke, Hariwake, Kujaku, Kawari and other varieties

Dainichi Koi Farm


When it comes to Koi breeding, Dainichi stands out as one of the most famous Koi farms in all of Japan.

Established in the mid 1900’s in Niigata by the legendary Minoru Mano, Dainichi could easily be a byword for quality.

Mr. Mano can be credited for being one of the fathers of the modern Nishikigoi hobby, establishing three keystone bloodlines that he spent his life perfecting.

These three famous bloodlines are known as the Dainichi Kohaku, Dainichi Sanke, and Dainichi Showa. A lot of the Koi Farms in Japan today can trace their parent fish back to Dainichi stock.

Sadly Mr. Minoru Mano passed away in 1998, but he passed on his legacy to his sons; Futoshi, Shigeru, and Hiroshi.

The Mano brothers have carried their Father’s work forward into modern times with dedication and talent, with Hiroshi leaving to establish another branch in Toyota city – Aichi prefecture.

Dainichi Koi farm consistently breeds champion fish, and are a regular participant in Koi shows across Japan.

Mud Ponds

Fukasawa (Oofuchi) Koi Farm

Official farm name: Fukasawa Koi Farm
Breeder: Oofuchi Hideaki
Area: Nagaoka
Raising area: 100 ponds
Varieties: Kawarimono, Kujaku, Shusui, Sanke and many other varieties Number of mud ponds 100, Parent stock 100, Yearly production 20.000 pcs

Hiroi Koi Farm

City: Niigata
Yet another of our favourite breeders here at C N Koi, Hiroi Koi farm is famous for its Goshiki, Gin Rin Goshiki, Gin Rin Go Sanke and Doitsu Go Sanke.
The farm is located in the city of Ojiya which is close to the cradle of Nishikigoi, Yamakoshi in Niigata Prefecture. With a long history of 41years, the farm consists of 31 field ponds on approximately seven hectares of land. They focus mainly on Showa (about 70% of their total),Kohaku and Sanke.
One of the reasons for this farm's popularity definitely lies in the fantastic quality and wide range of varieties available. Their Goshiki and Ginrin Goshiki have won many awards at Koi shows.

Izumiya Koi Farm

Owner(s): Ryu Mano
Founded: Around 1938
Specialty: Ogon, Koromo, Sanke, Kohaku
Description: Izumiya is one of the most experienced Koi farms with almost 100 years of history in Japan. As 4th generation of Izumiya; Ryu Mano is succeeding the legacy by producing winning show quality of Ogon, Sanke, Koromo and more. Izumiya Ogon, in particular, are second-to-known brand of koi.

Kaneko Koi Farm

Kaneko Koi Farm ( Kaneko Yasuaki) – is run by Haruo Aoki and Motoyoshi Aoki in the Nagaoka region. Established in the 1960’s,  they have become well known around the world for their excellent quality Shiro Utsuri and are one of the first breeders to stabilize the Kujaku variety. They also breed great Beni Kikokruyu and Hikarimono.

Kawakami Koi Farm

Owner(s): Takashi Kawakami
Founded: 1928
Specialty: Goshiki, Kumonryu, Beni kumonryu, Asagi, Shusui, Shiro Utsuri, Kawarimono 

Kokai Koi Farm

Official farm name: Nishikigoi Kokai
Breeder: Kokai Ryoji
Raising area: Area: Tokamachi
Varieties: Goshiki, GR Goshiki, Doitsu, Ochiba, Doitsu Kohaku, Kujaku, Benikonryu and Kawari


Koshiji Koi Farm

Owner(s): Kase
Specialty: Showa, Doitsu, Heisei Nishiki, Kumonryu, Beni Kumonryu, Doitsu Goshiki, Goshiki
Description: Mr. Kase is a genius of creating new varieties. His recent creation is probably Doitsu Goshiki. At Koshiji Koi Farm, you will find many unusual Koi.



Maruhiro Koi Farm

Owner(s): Hironori Maruhiro
Specialty: Gosanke, Hikarimono, Kawarimono, and more
Description: Being a brother of Marusei Koi Farm, there is no wonder he likes JUMBO. He loves any Koi that grows big. When you go to his farm, you can feel his passion. He has more varieties than anybody else. He has more Koi than anybody else. His facility is always full of Koi, especially large ones regardless of the season. If you can not find what you look for at Maruhiro Koi Farm, chances are that you will not find it any other places. He is one of buyers' first and last stops in Niigata.

Marusaka Koi

City: Niigata
A farm that is always interesting to visit and a producer of some amazing non-gosanke. Beni Kikokuryu are one of the leading varieties at the farm right now but although Marusaka is renowned for Hikarimoyo in Japan the farms reputation was actually built on Sanke.

Marusei Koi Farm

Owner: Hirasawa Yoshiyuki
Specialities: Gosanke, Kinmatsuba, Karashigoi, Hi-Utsuri

Marusei Koi Farm was founded in 1960 by the late Mr. Seitaro Hirasawa in Kawaguchi, Nagaoka. It is now owned and run by Seitaro’s son Mr. Yoshiyuki Hirasawa.

Marusei Koi Farm is one of the biggest farms in all of Niigata prefecture and boasts over 200 mud ponds, with a raising area of 100,000 Metres Squared.

Mr. Hirasawa is extremely knowledgable about Koi breeding and constantly strives to improve his fish. He values precision and is rightly very proud of each outcome.

Marushin Koi Farm

Owner(s): Mitsuhiro Tanaka
Specialty: Doitsu Showa, Ginrin Showa, Showa, Ginrin Budogoromo, Budogoromo, Tamasaba

Marushin Koi Farm Was Founded in 1968. Focusing on Doitsu Showa and Ginrin Showa, Marushin Koi Farm has worked on many and unique varieties. Mr. Tanaka works hard especially on getting bigger body and stronger Sumi on his Koi. He is also a champion breeder of Tamasaba goldfish. He is the must-go place for Tamasaba in town.

Miyatora Koi Farm

Miyatora farm is famous for its wide range of Koi fish variety, but this koi farm's main focus is Gosanke breeding. Those clients who are interested in Gosanke must need to visit Miyatora koi farm. The Kohaku, Sanke, and Showa are famous Gosanke breeds in Miyatora Koi farm.

Area: Kawaguchi, Nagaoka

Raising Area: 100,000 sq meter

Number of Mud Ponds: 40 mud ponds

Production Capacity: 100,000 pcs annually

NND Koi Farm

Nishikigoi of Niigata Direct
Founded in 1969 by Shoji Tanaka. His son, Makoto now takes over the farm business. Our farm is concentrated on quality. We aim to breed Nishikigoi equipped with all elements; quality, good body conformation and patterns.

Okawa Koi Farm

Owner(s): Yuji & Yoneichi Tanaka


Omosako Koi Farm

Owner(s): Takayoshi Omosako, Takahiro Omosako
Founded: around 1953
Specialty: Shiro Utsuri, Kujyaku, Showa


Otsuka Koi Farm

Owner(s): Otsuka Yoshikazu 
Founded: 1962 
Specialty: Goshiki, Showa, Sanke


Oyaji Koi Farm

City: Chiya, Ojiya
Undoubtedly the master of Gin Matsuba's.

Ozumi Ikarashi Koi Farm

Official farm name: Ozumi Ikarashi

Owner(s): Kazuhiro Ikarashi

This farm is located at Ozumi in Nagaoka city. What made their name famous was the creation of Kin Kikokuryu.


Sakai Koi Farm

Owner(s): Kentaro Sakai
Specialty: Kohaku, Sanke

In the Koi industry, few have heard of Sakai Koi Farm, Hiroshima. He is the grand champion maker of all. It is always breathtaking to see his Koi with quality, pattern and body all in one.


Shinoda Koi Farm

Owner(s): Masanori Shinoda
Founded In: 1952
Specialty: Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa and Hi Utsuri mainly
Description: Shinoda Koi Farm Shinoda Koi Farm was founded in Oguriyama, Ojiya-city, Niigata in 1952. Mr. Susumu Shinoda is the second generation. In Shinoda Koi Farm, he breeds Ginrin Showa, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Showa and Hi Utsuri mainly. His Ginrin Showa won the Grand Champion at All Niigata Koi Show (Nogyosai) in 2000. Grand Champion Ginrin Showa and it now acts as a parent to preserve and improve the quality bloodline Shinoda Koi Farm is also known as USHIZO. He is a very famous breeder even abroad.

Yamasan Koi Farm

Owner: Mr. Manabu Yamazaki

Yamasan Koi Farm is located in Kawaguchi, Nagaoka. It is a large farm with a raising area of 50,000 Square Metres. It has over 50 mud ponds, and is a popular stopping point for Koi Keepers to visit.

The size of the farm allows it to also sell dry goods, helping visitors with anything they might need to give their new Koi purchases the best environment to thrive.

From humble beginnings and a small collection of mud ponds, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki has been very successful, transforming his farm into the powerhouse of the Koi breeding world that it is today.

Having spent some time in the UK, Manabu can speak good English. This is a boon for both his business, and for Western visitors that often find communication to be a barrier.

Yamasan Koi Farm is also known for specialising in a wide variety of Koi types, including their beautiful and vibrant “Lemon Hariwake”.