Hiroi Koi Farm

City: Niigata
Yet another of our favourite breeders here at C N Koi, Hiroi Koi farm is famous for its Goshiki, Gin Rin Goshiki, Gin Rin Go Sanke and Doitsu Go Sanke.
The farm is located in the city of Ojiya which is close to the cradle of Nishikigoi, Yamakoshi in Niigata Prefecture. With a long history of 41years, the farm consists of 31 field ponds on approximately seven hectares of land. They focus mainly on Showa (about 70% of their total),Kohaku and Sanke.
One of the reasons for this farm's popularity definitely lies in the fantastic quality and wide range of varieties available. Their Goshiki and Ginrin Goshiki have won many awards at Koi shows.