Marusei Koi Farm

Owner: Hirasawa Yoshiyuki
Specialities: Gosanke, Kinmatsuba, Karashigoi, Hi-Utsuri

Marusei Koi Farm was founded in 1960 by the late Mr. Seitaro Hirasawa in Kawaguchi, Nagaoka. It is now owned and run by Seitaro’s son Mr. Yoshiyuki Hirasawa.

Marusei Koi Farm is one of the biggest farms in all of Niigata prefecture and boasts over 200 mud ponds, with a raising area of 100,000 Metres Squared.

Mr. Hirasawa is extremely knowledgable about Koi breeding and constantly strives to improve his fish. He values precision and is rightly very proud of each outcome.