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Red Male Dwarf Gourami

Red Male Dwarf Gourami

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The red flame dwarf gourami is a peaceful and shy fish. If you have a pair of them, the two fish will often swim together. Dwarf Gourami's prefer a well planted tank, also with some floating plants. It has been selectively bred into various brightly coloured strains. They can sometimes be territorial to other male gourami's, so in a smaller tank it's recommended to keep a single male. 

Originating in India, West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh, the dwarf gourami are native to thickly vegetated waters.

The minimum tank size for three dwarf gourami's is 35L. You’ll likely need much larger tanks if you’re planning on introducing some tank mates. They will spend most of their time in the top to middle layer of the water column.


The dwarf gourami is a sturdy and fascinating fish. Their color variety allows you to turn your tank into a colorful aquatic forest. There are colors and appearance to satisfy any preferences.

They are a great choice for hobbyists with any amount of experience. Their size and resilience make them a wonderful choice for beginners. But they would also be a wonderful addition for experienced aquarists!

If you would like to try your hand at breeding, these fish are your ideal choice. Their breeding behavior is interesting and unique, and the breeding process itself is not complicated at all


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Our Koi can now be delivered via Courier. Fish are delivered in an Oxygenated box, costing £25 per box.
For fish up to 6 inches we can fit 6 in a box, but the very large Koi would need a box of their own.

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