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C N Koi

Jewel Cichid

Jewel Cichid

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Length: 65mm

Hemichromis is a genus of fishes from the cichlid family, known in the aquarium trade as jewel cichlids. Jewel cichlids are native to Africa. Within West Africa, Hemichromis species are found in creeks, streams, rivers and lakes with a variety of water qualities including brackish water lagoons.


The tank has to be spacious (starting from 22 gallons capacity), since jewel cichlid is a territory-dependent fish and an aggressive one. A lot of covers, flowerpots, caves, tubes, snags and other places where the fish likes hiding are required in the tank.

Sandy bottom is preferable because the cichlid likes digging it and the water becomes muddy. Clean water is important for jewel cichlid just as it is for all African cichlids.


Jewel cichlids are omnivores and will happily snack on flake food, pellets, and live food. Overall they're pretty easy fish to feed, so you shouldn't have too much trouble managing their diet.

Shipping & Returns

Our Koi can now be delivered via Courier. Fish are delivered in an Oxygenated box, costing £25 per box.
For fish up to 6 inches we can fit 6 in a box, but the very large Koi would need a box of their own.

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