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C N Koi

Galaxy Rasbora (Fireworks Rasbora)

Galaxy Rasbora (Fireworks Rasbora)

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Length: 20mm

Common name: Galaxy rasbora, Fireworks rasbora, Rasbora toei, Celestial pearl danio, Chilli rasbora

Scientific name: Microrasbora sp. "Galaxy". Currently being described and due to be placed in a new genus shortly.

Origin: Myanmar. The supplier wanted to keep the exact collection locality under wraps for commercial reasons. It was eventually discovered to be a micro-habitat wetland area east of Inle Lake.

Habitat: According to the exporter, his species lives among dense vegetation in a cool, high-altitude wetland region in a marsh area fed by a spring. It lives in sympatry with Danio sondhii and the undescribed Rosy loach, Yunnanilus sp.



Due to its tiny size, this beautiful little cyprinid would be best in a small aquarium, away from larger fish that might look upon it as a tasty snack. You could keep an impressive little shoal of these in a tiny desktop aquarium such as the AquaCube we gave away with last month's Practical Fishkeeping subscription. No details on the habitat are available, however, aquarium observations seem to suggest that the fish likes well-aerated or flowing water. Most fishkeepers are keeping theirs in small planted aquariums, in which the species is the only inhabitant.


Early reports suggested that the fish might only consume tiny live foods, so most people have been feeding theirs with live Daphnia, brineshrimp or microworms. However, most have reported that these will also accept small dried foods such including Tetra Mini Granules and crumbled flakes, as well as live Tubifex.

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