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C N Koi

Corydoras Panda

Corydoras Panda

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Length: 25mm

Corydoras panda is a species of catfish belonging to the genus Corydoras, of the family Callichthyidae, and is a native member of the riverine fauna of South America.


Panda cory catfish are energetic fish that thrive in a large setup with softer water. They are a schooling fish, so aim for no less than six individuals since they are more social and less shy in larger numbers. More is always better and a large swarm of corys zooming around the bottom of your aquarium is quite a sight to see.


These catfish are not picky eaters. They easily thrive on a variety of foods, from sinking pellets and wafers to all kinds of frozen foods. Although they should not be purchased just as a ‘cleanup crew,’ they do help by consuming leftovers that your top- and mid-dwelling fish might have missed.

Shipping & Returns

Our Koi can now be delivered via Courier. Fish are delivered in an Oxygenated box, costing £25 per box.
For fish up to 6 inches we can fit 6 in a box, but the very large Koi would need a box of their own.

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