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Gin Rin Chagoi

Gin Rin Chagoi

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Length: 11cm

Breeder: Aokiya Farm


As a rule of thumb when keeping koi carp you should stick to ten gallons of water for every inch of fish, with a minimum water volume of 1000 gallons and a minimum pond depth of 3ft. Not only do small ponds physically limit the comfort of your koi carp, but they're also much harder to maintain.


In the wild, koi fish eat algae, plants, insects, worms, seeds, and anything they can stir up from the pond's bottom. They hunt along the pond floor and along the surface. If you have an ecosystem pond, they can continue having their natural diet.

Shipping & Returns

Our Koi can now be delivered via Courier. Fish are delivered in an Oxygenated box, costing £25 per box.
For fish up to 6 inches we can fit 6 in a box, but the very large Koi would need a box of their own.

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Breeder Information

Aokiya Koi Farm

Official farm name: AO Aokiya Koi Farm
Breeder: Aoki Motoyoshi
Raising area: 20.000 m2
Area: Katakai, Ojiya
Varieties: Goshiki, Doitsu Goshiki, Kikusui, Yamato, Doitsu Kohaku, Doitsu Sanke, Hariwake, Kujaku, Kawari and other varieties