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C N Koi

WIN a 48cm Showa Koi

WIN a 48cm Showa Koi

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Welcome to the CN-Koi raffle! This is an exciting opportunity for you to win a beautiful Koi Showa for your pond or aquarium. Each raffle ticket costs £5 for your chance to win a beautiful Koi Showa, 48cm in size from the breeder Dainichi worth £500.

Koi fish are known for their vibrant colours and graceful swimming, making them a popular choice among fish enthusiasts. All our Koi are imported from the best Japanese breeders Breeders – C N Koi (

Participating in the raffle is easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the number of raffle tickets you would like to purchase. Each ticket costs £5 and gives you a chance to win.
  2. Add the tickets to your cart and proceed to checkout. There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can purchase.
  3. Enter your contact information and complete the payment process.
  4. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with your raffle ticket numbers.
  5. Wait for the raffle drawing date, which will be announced on our website and social media channels once all tickets are sold.
  6. For transparency we will film the drawing event and post the video on social media channels so you can see if your ticket number is selected as the winner.
  7. If you win, we will contact you to arrange the collection or delivery of your new Koi Showa. We can deliver anywhere in the UK with an additional cost of £30.

Our raffles are conducted fairly and transparently. We will use a random member of the public that enter our shop on the day of the drawing to select the winning ticket number, ensuring that every participant has an equal chance of winning.

Raffle will finish once we have sold the allocated number of raffle tickets.

By participating in the raffle, you not only have a chance to win a stunning Koi fish, but you also support our mission to promote the beauty and well-being of these magnificent creatures. Your contribution helps us continue our efforts in providing high-quality products and services for fish health and maintenance.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your participation and good luck in the raffle!



Shipping & Returns

Our Koi can now be delivered via Courier. Fish are delivered in an Oxygenated box, costing £25 per box.
For fish up to 6 inches we can fit 6 in a box, but the very large Koi would need a box of their own.

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Breeder Information

Dainichi Koi Farm


When it comes to Koi breeding, Dainichi stands out as one of the most famous Koi farms in all of Japan.

Established in the mid 1900’s in Niigata by the legendary Minoru Mano, Dainichi could easily be a byword for quality.

Mr. Mano can be credited for being one of the fathers of the modern Nishikigoi hobby, establishing three keystone bloodlines that he spent his life perfecting.

These three famous bloodlines are known as the Dainichi Kohaku, Dainichi Sanke, and Dainichi Showa. A lot of the Koi Farms in Japan today can trace their parent fish back to Dainichi stock.

Sadly Mr. Minoru Mano passed away in 1998, but he passed on his legacy to his sons; Futoshi, Shigeru, and Hiroshi.

The Mano brothers have carried their Father’s work forward into modern times with dedication and talent, with Hiroshi leaving to establish another branch in Toyota city – Aichi prefecture.

Dainichi Koi farm consistently breeds champion fish, and are a regular participant in Koi shows across Japan.

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